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Indie Rockstars Membership

An empowering place to boost sales, scale and thrive

Welcome to Indie Rockstars, a fresh, lively Membership for creative Indie founders, that guides you to implement the systems and frameworks that will seriously boost your sales.

This is an exciting and empowering space to thrive and scale.

Inside Rockstars I teach frameworks, systems and habits (my 360 Visibility Protocol) that catapult your business from the unpredictable, unsettling and stressful roller coaster peaks and troughs of patchy sales to the security and abundance of consistent growth and reliable, dependable revenue.

And the best bit, I do all this without asking you to work harder or give up any more of your precious time.

We’re led to believe that up levelling our businesses means we have to sacrifice more. We have to hustle and grind; more hours, more content, more pressure, more stress. This is simply not true.

Intelligent processes, frameworks and CEO habits set you free from all of this and allow you to work with more focus and clarity, raise productivity and even create flexible time for you to work on those parts of your business that really light you up and that right now are being sidelined.

Is this you?

“I set my business up a few years ago and things have been growing steadily but right now I’m getting frustrated as things are plateauing. My customer base isn’t really growing, the effort I am putting into my marketing isn’t converting into sales, my revenue is sporadic and unpredictable and I just seem to be working harder and harder and getting more tired and exhausted.

I’m beginning to question whether my business is sustainable and that scares me.”

Meet Catherine founder of Honey Bee Beautiful. She was once exactly where you are now; looking over the edge and working out how to take that next big step.

She found herself caught in a vicious cycle of discounting that was draining profit, unclear on her messaging and feeling like she had the puzzle pieces but couldn’t quite work out how to fit them together.

Just over a year ago she joined Indie Rockstars and in that time she has doubled her revenue.

Here she is to explain how she did it.

Why Rockstars is best in class

This is no normal membership.

As a coach I’m dedicated to getting my clients results; I’m not happy until I can hear the pounds rolling in and see the smile on your face.

I am hands on in the Membership. All the teaching is delivered live by me. All your questions are answered live by me.

My role is not just to teach but to help you tweak and fine tune my teachings to suit and support your unique business.

The Membership is designed to be light and easy. The last thing I want is for you to feel overwhelmed by work and scared and shamed of falling behind.

More than anything I want you to succeed.

The teachings are practical and drive results fast, keeping you inspired, motivated and bursting with confidence.

Together we get the work done.

This Membership is about community and support. All members have access to our private online hangout. I’m there every day and more importantly so are your fellow members, creative founders just like you, who totally get our industry and the challenges you face. I encourage high levels of community interaction. It’s so empowering to know you have your own team of cheerleaders on hand to raise you up whenever you need them.

The 360 Visibility Protocol

A framework to guide you to create simple, effective systems across your customer journey that put your sales cycle on autopilot, giving you the space and bandwidth to scale your business around your life.​

The clarity to discover and embrace the unique and limitless power of you, so that you can grow your business, making the difference and change in the world you dream of, in an aligned and joy filled way.​

A reputation as an expert, making you and your business hot property, attracting a consistent flow of opportunities.​

A deep understanding of the visibility strategies that work for you, allowing you to develop a razor sharp focus on what works, freeing up valuable time to be an impactful CEO.​

A confident, assured personal brand that guarantees you shine out in a crowded market place.

Rockstars is for you if you are done with;

sales that don’t reflect your effort

content that doesn’t convert

high dropout rates at checkout

low average order values

low email opening rates

no publicity

stagnant community growth

a business that dominates your time

a job that depletes and drains your energy

What is Rockstars made up of?

Live training – a deep dive into a facet of the 360 Visibility Protocol or an introduction to a powerful CEO habit. These are always delivered by me and combine learning with interactive Q&As.

Hotseats- your opportunity to spotlight a particular challenge in your business and access my expert help and crowd source ideas and insight from your peers.

CEO Dates – a monthly appointment with the numbers, data and metrics powering your sales. This is where we learn what’s really moving the sales needle in your business and how we can use it to buid a permanent, consistent revenue stream.

Monthly Challenges – to focus attention on taking action, implementing what you learn and guaranteeing financial results

Sounds great yeh?

These are the timetabled events, on top of this you get to hang out daily with me in The Hub, the Rockstars online hang out. I’m in there keeping you accountable, motivating and inspiring you and generally helping you navigate the mindset maze of being an entrepreneur.


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My name is Rachel and I’m the founder of Indie Beauty Delivers and creator of the 360 Visibility Protocol.

I have spent over 20 years working in high powered sales roles for a combination of corporate and independent businesses and over 16 of those years in the beauty industry.

Over the last 6 years I have coached hundreds of founders just like you to implement my Protocol, boost sales and scale their business beyond their wildest dreams.

I was taught the power of brand visibility at the start of my career and it has been the foundation of all my success since.

I’ve used brand visibility to win 6 figure sales contracts, secure invitations to speak at events across the globe, write for industry publications, a regular column in a glossy magazine and book TV and radio appearances.

My visibility has allowed me to become the ‘go to’ expert and the effect on my business has been transformative. I have doubled my sales consistently every year and created a profitable business that supports me and brings me so much joy.

Hustling for sales and worrying about launches has been replaced by an energy that flows in and out of my business bringing a constant supply of new leads, a high and fast conversion rate and most enjoyably I get to share my passion and expertise and make a difference in the word empowering other entrepreneurs to experience the same kind of transformation. Visibility really rocks!

Who is Rockstars for?

This is the right place for you if you can relate to any or all of these;

You are constantly worried, stressed and concerned about your lack of online sales. You feel burnt out and discouraged that the effort you are putting in isn’t reflected in the sales you are making, especially if this is causing you to question your own abilities and choice to launch your business. ​

Your confidence is being eroded by unsuccessful efforts to differentiate your brand from the competition. You feel tired and exhausted by constantly chopping and changing your strategies and frustrated that no matter what you try, you can’t seem to make yourself stand out. ​

You are tired of DIYing your personal development through podcasts, books and online content that leave your head buzzing, you bank account a little poorer, you clueless to implement and discouragingly no further forward.

You thrive in a group environment and love learning, sharing and supporting your Membership sisters.

You know in your heart that NOW is the time for you to take action and scale.

Pricing Options

£125 recurring monthly payment (Minimum 6 month commitment)

£625 for 6 months ( SAVE, 6 months for the price of 5)​


How does the Membership work?

The Membership is a way to access my coaching program in an affordable way. You can join and leave at any time. All the content is delivered online, is accessible all the time and suitable for founders from anywhere in the world.

How much does it cost?

You have two payment options, a monthly recurring subscription of £125 or you can pay for a 6 month block at a discounted price, £625 (you get 1 month free).

How long would you recommend joining for?

In order to implement and see real change in your business I would recommend 6. But, the most amazing thing about Rockstars is it constantly stays fresh, with new content popping up all the time mush of it in response to real life challenges you are facing in your business, so it’s not unusual for people to keep their Rockstar status for years.

What happens if I can’t attend the training or Q&A sessions?

No bother at all. All sessions are recorded and available for you to watch as many times as you want at a time that suits.

What time will the training and Q&A sessions be held?

All the sessions will be held in the afternoon. All times will be GMT. I will do my best to schedule them to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

Who is the Membership NOT suitable for?

Founders who prefer to work one to one with coaches and don’t benefit or enjoy from learning in a group environment. If this is you head on over and check out my One to One Coaching Program. You’ll love it!

How much time do I need to dedicate to the Membership?

The teachings are practical, implementation achievable and results quick. The weeks between teachings sessions are packed with support to ensure you take action and see results. Like any course the more you put in the better your results will be. This Membership is for Founders committed to scaling their business and put in the work they need to achieve it. If this is you then you should be aiming to spend a couple of hours actively developing your business per week.

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The next level, doubling revenue, hitting 6 f figures, building consistent, reliable income, making the difference in the world you set out to do; NONE OF THIS IS A PIPEDREAM.

This is what my clients are achieving every day.

They are building their own 360 Visibility Protocol, they are implementing frameworks and systems that facilitate consistent growth with ease and they are building the habits of powerful CEOs that elevate their business and ensure it stands out and gets noticed.

And it’s available for you too!

Loads of indie hugs and love, Rachel

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